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Who are we?
We are the Phoenix W.L.D.C.

What does W.L.D.C. stand for?
W.L.D.C. stands for Western Line Dance Club

How did the club start?

Why do you like linedancing?

Why pick Lynda & John to learn with?
A lot of line dance teachers tend now to be ex-fitness/aerobics instructors (no offence meant!), but Lynda is a fully qualified Dance teacher and not just in Linedancing she is also qualified to do much more. Also Lynda and John will teach you not just how to do the steps, but how to MOVE like a dancer and how to make every step FLOW in time.

Do you only dance to country and western music?
NO WAY! Usually when a song comes out in the charts(sorry Rock Fans usually only pop!) there is almost immediatly a dance to follow it. for example we have learnt dances to DJ Otzy, Atomic Kitten, Backstreet Boys, Frank Sinatra (a cover song though!), lots of Steps songs and S Club 7 to name but a few.

How do I join your class?
Have a look on our contact page or send me an e-mail and I'll pass it on . Linedancing is not "sad" in fact it is extremely enjoyable!

When were the classes started?

What if I am no good at line dancing?
HAVE NO FEAR! when Lynda and John teach you, you are not frowned upon if you go wrong or if you don't get it right first time. Believe me I was terrible when I started I was so heavy footed and couldn't dance to save my life but Lynda and John never gave up and now they want me to go in for exams in April this year!!!!!

A Brief History Of Linedancing
Linedancing is believed to have come from folk-dancing (like the Irish River Dance). In the 1800's a lot of people went to North America and took with them some of their Native Dancing. Linedancing itself evolved from waltz & polka and became known as square dancing and rounds.

In the 1860-90's cowboys/girls started to turn the steps into more country and western style i.e. cowboy struts (a step)this was mainly influenced by their culture, way of life and the time in which they lived. Linedancing became a very popular activity, people would linedance at social events and it was even taught in schools.

Since the days of the old cowboys/girls, linedancing has become much more modern and up to date. I would just like to clear-up one major thing that turns most people off of linedancing - the Wild West- Linedancing may have come from cowboys but that does not mean that our dancers are all dressed as western fronteir women/men. Most of us do not put our thumbs in our belt loops or wear cowboy hats and hardly any IF ANY of us ever shout "YEE-HAW". Infact a lot of the people I dance with dress as any normal person would at home. Some dancers do like to dress like a cowboy/girl but they are in the minority and to be quite honest they still enjoy themselvs as much as any of us.

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